"PolyTune Clip is fast, clear and precise. It's hands down the best guitar tuner out there."

"With all the different tunings I'm playing, it's a super cool help to always have the PolyTune Clip right there on the head stock. I absolutely can't live without it."

"PolyTune Clip is without doubt the best clip-on tuner ever. It's deadly accurate, easy to read, easy to use and well made... which is what I was expecting from TC. Well done!"

"One of the awesome features is that you can tune even with the capo on. That is really helpful in the studio where you just want to get the song out!"

"The read-out is super easy to read. These clip-on tuners really come in handy, especially in recording sessions with acoustic guitars."

"On dim lit stages or stages that have lots of smoke and light, you can't see the traditional tuner readout. This one is nice and bright!"

"The PolyTune Clip is fantastic and makes my life so much easier. It is highly accurate and very sturdy. TC has really thought this tuner through!"

"It's the best tuner under the sun, period, and it should be on any guitar!" (Thomas Nordegg, tech for Steve Vai)

"It really is an extension of the great polytuners that you guys have made - you can tell that a lot of thought went into this!"

"Want you guys to know how much I'm enjoying the PolyTune Clip! It works with everything, and is particularly handy with my acoustic bass."

"It's like the actual pedals that go in your board - but it's a clip-on!"

"This thing is really cool and bright. And it's TC Electronic - I mean, it's going to last forever!"

"Loving the big display on the PolyTune Clip! No squinting required!"

"The PolyTune clip-on tuner is a GODSEND!"

"Consistent. Accurate. I'm really digging it."

"Brad has been using the PolyTune Clip every night with Whitford St. Holmes. He loves it!" (Greg Howard, Brad Whitford's tech)

"It will show you exactly where you're at. Very useful!"

Charlie Sexton PolyTune Clip

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