LM2 n & LM6n

LM6n & LM2n Loudness Radar Meters

Now you can have the very latest in native plug-ins to measure Loudness and True-Peak on mono, stereo or surround (LM6n) tracks in all major DAWs. 

We've loaded the native LM2n & LM6n plug-ins with new dedicated settings, new viewing options, improved off-line measuring in Pro Tools - and a host of other new features.

Of course they come with our innovative Radar Display, allowing you to capture the essence of your loudness landscape at a glance.


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LM1n Main Screen

Our native LM1n Loudness Meter plug-in is an addition to a growing range of loudness and meter plug-ins, and provides you with the all-important basics in loudness metering, leaving only a small footprint on the screen.

In short, you get max simplicity and great-sounding results that will not be rejected when you deliver content for broadcast.


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