Nathan East and TC Electronic Create Bass TonePrints On-stage at Bass Player Live 2012

The bass world gathers at Bass Player Live 2012 and TC Electronic will be there in force!

One of the main acts at Bass Player Live 2012 will be bass legend Nathan East, who will be giving an unusual session at the event. Apart from playing, he will also be showing how he sculpts his bass tone to absolute perfection by creating dedicated Bass TonePrints live on stage, Saturday October 20th from 2.30 pm - 3.30 pm.

Bass TonePrints are custom-tweaked effect settings for TC Electronic's range of TonePrint-enabled effect pedals as well as the BG250 Bass Combo and BH250 Bass Head, created by some of the greatest bass players around. Via an advanced software editor, the TonePrint artists get access to loads of effect parameters that are not available on the physical pedals. They even get to specify the range of each knob, 12-o'clock position values and how various parameters may affect each other. In short, loading a Bass TonePrint is like getting a completely new and personal effect pedal - a signature pedal. Only with the twist that the artist name on the pedal can be swapped at any given time.

Nathan East Plays through a TC Electronic Blacksmith bass amp, two RS410 bass cabinets and uses the two TonePrint pedals: Flashback Delay and Corona Chorus. In fact, he has already created a Bass TonePrint for each of these pedals, but the expandable nature of the TonePrint concept allows for unlimited creation of new Bass TonePrints.

All Bass TonePrints can be downloaded from TC Electronic's website free of charge, or beamed to the pedals via the TonePrint App for iPhone and Android.

6465 Sunset Boulevard
Hollywood, CA, 90028

Saturday October 20th
2.30 pm - 3.30 pm