Nashville Country TonePrints Teaser

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Creative Country Tones

Whether you're a twanger, chicken-picker or just like to explore new genres every day, you've come to the right place. We got some of the world's greatest country guitarists to whip up a superb selection of delay, reverb and vibrato tones perfect for fast-paced Nashville licks and chimey chord progressions. So all you need to do now is beam a tone, break out the old Stetson (because everything sounds better with a hat on) and go get your twang on.

On top of that you can win one of the three pedals signed by Brent Mason, Johnny Hiland and Daniel Donato.

Contest has ended - the winners are:

Greg Jaknunas - Johnny Hiland signed Hall Of Fame Reverb
Steve McWilliams - Daniel Donato signed Hall Of Fame Reverb
Mariusz Krasnianski - Brent Mason signed Flashback Delay

Brent Mason demoing his "BrentMasonDelay" TonePrint for Flashback Delay

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