NAB 2012 Recap

We had a blast at the NAB 2012 Show in Las Vegas. If you were there and visited our booth or attended to our loudness seminar, thanks for stopping by! If you were not around, please take a few minutes to check out this NAB 2012 Recap...

NAB 2012 Booth Presentation

TC Electronic / Dynaudio Professional NAB 2012 Booth

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VP of Sales HD & Broadcast, Steve Strassberg, walks you through the TC Electronic/Dynaudio Professional NAB 2012 booth, presenting new as well as existing products.

Florian Camerer on Loudness Standards, NAB 2012

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An Afternoon on Loudness

On the Tuesday of the show, we hosted a loudness seminar where three high-profiled speakers gave individual one-hour sessions:

Florian Camerer (Chairman of EBU's P/LOUD Group)

Florian Camerer on the ITU BS.1770-2 Gating Scheme, ATSC A/85 and CALM

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Further, there was a very interesting development regarding international loudness standards at NAB 2012. One of the main differences between EBU's R128 standard (Europe) and ATSC's A/85 recommendation (US) is that EBU's version contains a gating scheme. Without going into the technical details, it was indicated that ATSC would be likely to implement this gating scheme in a future revision. If/when that happens, it will definitely be great news, as we would then be taking a huge step towards having loudness guidelines that applies globally. Florian Camerer elaborates in this short video.

NAB 2012 Presentation Slides

Jay Yeary (Director of Audio & Studio Engineering, Turner Studios)
See the slides of Jay Yeary's presentation for a detailed look into how Turner Studios integrate and perform loudness metering and correction in a real-world scenario.

Download Jay Yeary's Presentation Slides (PDF)


Thomas Lund (TC Development Manager HD)
See Thomas Lund's slides for his presentation on 'Program Delivery in Accordance with ITU BS.1770-2'

Download Thomas Lund's Slides (PDF)