Multichannel Reverb License

With this license you can access SpacePan and every reverb and delay preset in the machine, including the complete Halls of Fame bank and the Skywalker Sound Collection.

The Multi Channel Reverb license includes all algorithms from the Stereo Reverb license, and is included with Reverb 6000.


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VSS™ 6.1

If you need to add reverb to an existing 5.1 or 6.1 signal or move sources around with a joystick, VSS™ 6.1 Reverb is your algorithm.

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4 discrete mono reverbs. Engineers often find such a setup more useful than using pre-configured structures for stereo, 5.1, 6.1 and other formats.

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Our 8 input panning algorithm allows you to position any audio source precisely in a real-time or surround environment.

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VSS™ 5.1 Source

A true 5.1 simulator algorithm with multi-directional, early-reflection patterns, a wide sweet spot and fully uncorrelated rendering.

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An extremely versatile delay and boundary effect that can reflect any environment. Easy to edit, so you can remain intuitive while mixing.

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VSS™ Surround

Unique room simulator for matrixed sound production. This algorithm turns the diffused field of the simulation into an Lt/Rt signal.

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