Metal Injection Teaser

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Roll up your sleeve, and prepare yourself for a serious case of heavy metal poisoning!

The new "Metal Injection" TonePrint Package features contributions from five of the heaviest shredders around. We're talking Jason Hook, Devin Townsend, Gary Holt, Rob Caggiano and Ben Weinman! That's right. Whether you're into thrash, math core, progressive metal, industrial, or groove metal, you'll find the right tone to suit your needs in this killer TonePrint package!

And we haven't even mentioned the prize yet… You've heard about the prize, right? Well, the concept goes like this: You subscribe to our newsletter. Then you wait. And a couple of weeks from now you could just be the lucky winner of a Flashback X4 signed by Jason Hook, a Hall Of Fame signed by Rob Caggiano, and a … wait for it... Skype session with Devin Townsend!


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Devin Townsend uses his "Goo Soup" TonePrint for the Flashback Delay

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