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Live Radio Transmission

Live Transmission: Precision Treu-Peak Limiting with Dedicated Profiles 08_applications 03


With the built-in true-peak limiter and 48 bit internal resolution, LM2 safely takes care of any limiting needed during transmission. The true-peak limiter features 5 adaptive and dedicated limiting profiles optimzed for handling various types of content.

  • True-Peak Limiter Profile 1: Dynamic
    Tailored for 'sensitive' content - such as classical music, jazz and other acoustic genres - that only need gentle dynamic processing.
  • True-Peak Limiter Profile 2: AC3 Codec
    This profile is tuned to avoid overloads when using Dolby's AC3 codec.
  • True-Peak Limiter Profile 3: Universal
    Use this limiter profile for general purposes and for 'unknown content', for example live transmissions.
  • True-Peak Limiter Profile 4: Loud
    In general, we recommend that you don't process your audio too heavily as it is likely to introduce dynamic distortion, but in case you just need to go very loud, this is the limiter profile you should choose.
  • True-Peak Limiter Profile 5: Voice
    As the name implies, this limiter profile is optimized for voice. It could be speakover applications or for talk radio.  


LM2 is the perfect tool for automatic level offset of programs at a no-compromise resolution (synchronous, 48 bit, fixed point engine). LM2 includes a precision true-peak limiter to avoid output overload when positive gain normalization is required. For fans of speech normalization, allow LM2 to measure some regular dialog and normalize to that. Otherwise, let its relative gate function automatically takes care of all sources.


Meter and Gain Normalize for Broadcast Ingest and Quality Control 05_applications 03

On top of the metering capabilities, LM2 features gain normalizing. If your program material turns out to be off target, use the LM2 gain normalize feature to adjust your programs gain. LM2 includes a true-peak limiter and 48 bit internal precision and the Limiter Threshold sets the max true-peak level on LM2's outputs. In case positive normalization is invoked, the limiter comes into action when the peak level could otherwise have created an overload.



Meter, Gain Normalize and Calibrated Monitoring for Broadcast Ingest and Quality Control 06_applications 03

LM2 features analoge balanced outputs for connection to a set of active analog monitor speakers.

Master Control

Broadcast Pre-transmission: Meter, Logging and Precision Limiting for Platform Output at Master Control 08_applications 03

With the built-in true-peak limiter and 48 bit internal resolution, LM2 safely takes care of any limiting needed pre transmission.

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