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In production, program duration and sliding window descriptors are indispensable tools for attaining a specific target. When connected to PC or Mac, LM2 further provides access to TC's unique radar display visualizing loudness history and the loudness range to stay within. 


Stand-alone Meter for 'Mixing by Numbers'

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LM2 lets you analyze each of the tracks in your mix to give you a Loudness number that describes how loud the track is. Use the loudness number as a base of your next mix to align levels between mixes.



Stand-alone Meter Extended with Radar

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Using a standard USB cable (included), LM2 can be connected to a PC or Mac for Radar display. This gives you even better overview over time.



Calibrated Stereo Listening Added to Metering
03_applications 03 LM2 features gain controlled balanced analog outputs for monitoring. Base listening on the Loudness number to make sure that you are always listening at the same perceived level.



Calibrated Listening for Multiple Sets of Speakers and Headphones Added to Metering 04_applications 03

Master Control

Broadcast Pre-transmission: Meter with Logging of Platform Output at Master Control 07_applications 03

As a standard feature LM2 comes with hindsight: the radar can show the past 24 hours, but LM2 actually includes so much memory of its own that you can take a detailed look one week back in time, even if it has had no connection to a computer. Simply connect a computer once per week to dump a logging file.


Broadcast Post Distribution: Consumer QC and 24/7 Logging

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Gather logs from strategical consumer locations post transmission and post distribution.

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