LM2 is a fully fledged True-Peak Limiter based on the highly advanced algorithm of our legendary Brickwall 2 Limiter. It even features 5 dedicated limiter profiles tailored for specific types of content.

One obvious application is to true-peak limit the master output during live radio or TV as the content by nature is 'unknown' and therefore to a certain degree also unpredictable.

radio studio


LM2 will connect to any mixing desk via AES, ADAT, SPDIF, TOS or analog in- and outputs. It could even double as a format converter.

Apart from being a stellar true-peak limiter, LM2 is also a stereo loudness meter compliant with all major broadcast standards and offers detailed 24/7 logging for documentation and evaluation.

Oh, and as an extra bonus, we also include the LM2n native Stereo Loudness Radar Meter plug-in (value $149). 




Until June 30th 2015, we cut +30% off the price of LM2!

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More About LM2

LM2 perspective

As mentioned, the true-peak limiter is just one aspect of the LM2, so please visit the dedicated product page to get all the details about LM2, including detailed application scenarios that might inspire you on how to integrate LM2 the best way possible into your signal chain.


Go to the LM2 Product Page

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