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Über Ida Nielsen

Ida Nielsen is a fast rising star in the funky bass sky. You may not have heard about her just yet, but chances are that you will, as she just entered the ultimate funk heaven by becoming Prince's new bass player!

In short, she masters any bass style you could think of to perfection: slap, fingerstyle, harmonies, improvisation, etc., and the common denominator is without doubt ‘funk’ with a capital ‘F’!

Her bass career started out in Århus, Denmark, where she developed her slap style to perfection. While she is busy playing in a number of bands, she also has a solo project. In fact, she has recently released a very funky album named 'Marmalade', which has been described as "a mix of old school Hip Hop and 70’s Funk with a touch of Nusoul, all with ear catching melodies and beautiful ballads". Apart from playing bass - of course - Ida plays all the other instruments on the album.

Gearwise, Ida normally uses a TC Electronic RH450 amp with two RS210 cabinets, but when playing the major venues and stadiums, she doubles up, using her RH450 to power up two RS410 cabs.

Videos mit Ida Nielsen

Ida Nielsen demoing her "Nielsen Comp" TonePrint for SpectraComp

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