Harry McVeigh and Charles Cave of White Lies Create New TonePrints for TC Electronic Effect Pedals

TC Electronic is proud to announce four new TonePrints created by Harry McVeigh (guitar) and Charles Cave (bass) of the chart-topping UK indie rock band White Lies.

Harry McVeigh has designed two personal TonePrints - one for Flashback Delay and another for Hall of Fame Reverb. Harry wanted to create a grand, lush-sounding reverb for his Hall of Fame pedal and decided to name his TonePrint 'White Lies in a Cathedral'. Harry also got to create a unique TonePrint for Flashback Delay, going for a tape delay style that he named 'Unfinished Business'.

Likewise, Charles Cave (bass) has created two Bass TonePrints - one for Flashback Delay and one for Corona Chorus. For his Flashback Delay Bass TonePrint, Charles also went for a tape delay type. He named it 'Slowdive' and it adds a long feedback that he refers to as 'spreading like an invisible reverb'. For Corona Chorus, Charles created a Bass TonePrint based on a classic analog-sounding tri-chorus that he decided to call 'Goth Bullshit'.

All 'White Lies' TonePrints are available as free downloads from TC Electronic's website as well as in the TonePrint App for smartphones that allows users to simply beam TonePrints through the pickups of their guitar or bass to the TonePrint pedals.

In short, White Lies goes all in on TC Electronic's TonePrint Concept!

About the TC Electronic TonePrint Concept
The idea behind TC Electronic's TonePrint concept is artist-driven. TC allows for some of the greatest guitar and bass players in the world to design their own personal tones for its range of TonePrint pedals, comprising Flashback Delay, Hall of Fame Reverb, Corona Chorus, Vortex Flanger and Shaker Vibrato. When the artists design their TonePrints, they get access to tweak every effect parameter imaginable - not just the ones represented by knobs on the pedals. They even get to define minimum and maximum parameter values to really give it a personal touch. Essentially, the user gets the power to make a TonePrint pedal into a artist signature pedal in seconds, but also the ultimate power to change whose signature is on the pedal at all times.