Moistened Essence Reverb-TonePrint von Greg Koch

Complimenting his 59 Bassman, Greg Koch's Moistened Essence delivers a fitting reverb punch, and let's the world know that Reverb has arrived!

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Greg Koch - Moistened Essence Toneprint

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We meet up with Greg Koch to create his Hall of Fame Reverb Toneprint. Greg Koch is an outstanding showman and likes to crack jokes in a spontaneous and where-is-this-going-to-end-sort-of-way. Greg has a few words to share on creating his Hall of Fame Reverb.

Greg states: "We’re dealing with this Hall of Fame Reverb. I like to use a tweed amplifier every now and again. I have a 59 Bassman. It does not have reverb, but I like to have a little bit of reverb. I want something small and dandy, in order to deliver my reverb punch, and this little device, notice the smallness, and plus it’s red, red is a glorious color, ladies and gentlemen, it’s a color that says to the world: Reverb has arrived! I like it. It twisted and it’s vile. It sounds robust and succulent. Worthy of the Hall of Fame.

TC: When asked to describe the toneprint, Greg shows his loopy sense of humor by immediately turning his description into a little song. Greg: When you want a little moisture, when you don’t wanna feel bucknaked, you put it on the twelve o’clock position. If you wanna swim and little bit of delicious twinkle, then you crank it up to maximum, and feast on the Moistened Essence! So yeah, Reverb has arrived!

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