Piano Reverb-TonePrint von Adam Holzman

This is arguably the most important type of effect in piano music, due to its foundation in natural acoustics. From the emergence of classical western music the construction of cathedrals, opera houses and concert halls played a natural role in shaping the timbre of classical music. This remains unchanged. What has changed is the ever-growing number of possibilities provided to us by the advances of the digital age. This TonePrint has one foot in each camp: On one side it has a nice, classical reverberation going on. On the other, it has a modulating reverb tail - The kind of effect Mozart never had the chance to play around with, unless he ever played the piano on a spinning plateau (something music historians deem unlikely).


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Adam Holzman uses his "Piano Verb" TonePrint for the Hall of Fame Reverb

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We sat down with Adam Holzman in late 2013, when he was playing a gig with Steven Wilson at Train in Aarhus. He has the distinct honor of being the very first keyboard TonePrint artist. He ended up creating no less than five TonePrints to get the ball rolling for this new segment. Whether you enjoy playing classic Grand Piano, Rhodes, Pads or Synth Lead, you can now find a perfect TonePrint to go with it.

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