What's GuitCon, Precious?

In early October, a new guitar conference happened in Markneukirchen, Germany - the aptly named GuitCon.

A hand-picked crowd of the top guitar YouTubers along with a few selected guitar vendors in a small secluded area with nothing to do except shoot videos with each other, geek out on gear, and jam out next to the open bar.

Naturally, we didn't want to miss out on all the fun, so we sent in our bearded beacon of hope, Tore aka. "Pedal Jesus" to represent TC Electronic at the gathering.

As with any decent symposium, copious amounts of alcohol were consumed and somewhere along the way, Tore managed to persuade almost all the GuitCon attendees to sit down with him and make their own TonePrints.

In fact, we had so much fun that in order to warm up for next year's event, we've dedicated this page to all things GuitCon.

TonePick of the Week

Phil X Presents “PhilCo” for Corona Chorus

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Hanging out with energetic guitar-slinger Phil-X at GuitCon, we bagged ourselves a sweet brace of new TonePrints for Corona Chorus and Viscous Vibe. So if retro modulation vibes (pun very much intended) are your bag, then you could do much worse than to check out this powerful pairing from Bon Jovi's all action guitar hero.
Whether 60s psychedelic, 70s prog or indeed 80s hard rock is the droid you are looking for, then each (or better still, both!) of these TonePrints will serve you handsomely. Whilst "X-Vibe" delivers a warm, chewy Hendrix-approved aural delight, "PhilCo" is a smoother, more sparkly affair, enough to make angels weep, or at the very least your mom, and any front-row groupies caught in the crossfire.
Whatever your decision, vintage modulated rock tones are the order of the day here!

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More GuitCon Sessions

Phil X Presents "X-Vibe" for Viscous Vibe

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Meet the GuitCon Gang