Justin's Delay-TonePrint von Justin Meldal-Johnsen

In creating the TonePrint for the Flashback Delay, Justin was inspired by his passion for tape delays and their uniquely romantic vibe. His end creation is a long dreamy delay that self-oscillates when the feedback is cranked up.


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Justin Meldal-Johnsen 'Justin's Delay' TonePrint

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TC: We’re here to do a TonePrint. We actually just did one for the Corona Chorus and now we have the Flashback Delay. JMJ: I looked at this thing and immediately my first thought was to set it to tape. It is the most romantic sound for a delay.

TC: How do you use delays? JMJ: I like delays that have wild feedback when you turn them up too high, so I use them as swells. Like going into sections of a song; creating a build up and then I will turn it off when I hit the chorus.

TC: How else would you use delays or effects in general? JMJ: There are certain film composers that hire me to do sound design where I do stuff just with pedals. So I will bring my bass and two giant pedal boards and sit on the floor of the studio and create atmosphere, which they would otherwise not be able to get with an orchestra or synth programming. So I will use multiple delays to create other worlds of sounds that would not necessarily be a bass at all.

TC: Can you give us a recap of what you did to create your unique tone? JMJ: This preset is a tape delay with quarter notes and dotted eighth-notes that self-oscillates when the feedback is turned up to extreme levels and also has a greater depth of modulation along with that.

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