Marbles-TonePrint von Ben Weinman

Admittedly, this TonePrint is not the most versatile delay ever made - It might actually be the strangest ever made… … If that intro didn’t make you run away scared, you’re probably in the market for an alternative effect that’ll force you to play in a different way. This TonePrint is all about that. Robotic resonance? It’s got plenty! Time-stretchy feel? You bet! Other feature that’ll bring the total number of listed features up to three? Sure! In fact, the “Marbles” TonePrint is so strange that you really have to try it out for yourself in order to know just what you can use it for. Doesn’t that sound intriguing?


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Ben Weinman creates his "Marbles" TonePrint for the Flashback Delay

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Basically this TonePrint is a very short delay with a lot of feedback. We’ve tampered with the Level-knob so that turning it clockwise will make the delay time shorten. In other words: Level up = Robotic rage!

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