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Wir haben Film 6000 "ab Werk" bereits mit allen Tools ausgestattet, ohne die es bei der Film- und Fernsehproduktion einfach nicht geht. Aber man weiß ja nie, was der nächste Tag bringt. Vielleicht wünschen Sie sich für den letzten Feinschliff in Sachen Dynamik einen Algorithmus, der Multiband-Kompression beherrscht. Oder Sie möchten Ihrem Arsenal gerne den hochgelobten High-End-Equalizer MDW von George Massenburg hinzufügen …


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MD 5.1

Compressor, Expander and Limiter for multichannel signals in one algorithm. Extensive linking and priority parameters enable you to control your processing with precision.

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MDX 5.1

High-resolution dynamics processor for multichannel signals. This algorithm gives you a sophisticated approach to dynamic range control.

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There can be absolutely no doubt that George Massenburg has a great sense of audio, and the MDW® HiRes EQ has been developed strictly to his personal specifications. As the MDW® design complements the TC Electronic EQ alternatives, you simply get the opportunity to choose between several desirable EQ flavors, each with their own specific advantages.

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EQ 5.1

Six mono channels of 4-band fully parametric EQ. Use this analog-sounding effect alone or in conjunction with other algorithms.

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With this high performance stereo de-esser algorithm, you can choose between relative or absolute threshold modes, enabling the de-esser to work either as a dynamic and musical tool that removes sibilant sounds, or as a fixed de-essing tool for e.g. percussive material.

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Automatic Loudness Correction Processor delivering high-resolution, low-latency loudness control in a world full of level jumps between programs.

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Unparalleled stereo broadband noise reduction algorithm primarily intended for - but not limited to - restoration applications. Simply capture a noise-print, then adjust and calculate it, and you are up and running.

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Engage deals with three-dimensional sound reproduction in headphones. You can now deliver optimum surround results for those of your listeners using headphones.

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A high quality pitch change, chorus and double tracking effect. You can use it on monophonic or polyphonic material with dual mono or stereo input. For music applications, VariPitch is the best and most unobtrusive pitch control device in the industry.

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Brickwall Limiter 2

The ultimate True-peak protection of your signal without sacrificing loudness. We've designed this processor to show if a signal is contaminated with 0dBFS+ peaks - and to remove them.

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Downmix, loudness-process and true peak limit any mono, stereo or 5.1 source. Input formats are detected automatically.

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Matrix 88

Digital 8-Channel Mixer. Achieve maximum resolution with the intelligent limiter, advanced digital summing mixer, accurate delays and bit pattern transparency.

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This high-resolution, multiband dynamics processor has been the industry standard for more than a decade. It will split your audio into individual frequency bands before expanding and compressing.

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Advanced, high-resolution, multiband dynamics algorithm that includes the innovative DXP mode, allowing you to lift up low-level detail individually in each band.

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