Duff Chorus - Duff McKagan's Chorus Corona TonePrint from TC Electronic

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Appetite For Sound Production

When great bass players are backed up by great gear, powerful things are bound to happen. Exhibit A: Duff McKagan and his TC gear. When these forces of nature team up, the result is a freakin' hurricane of unstoppable sound! We rest our case…

Just like Duff McKagan, we have a limitless appetite for sound production. Hence, we have decided to do a giveaway where you can win our BG250-amp signed by the magnificent Mr. McKagan himself. What is more, the amp is preloaded with Duff's very own TonePrint "Duff Chorus", so you're ready to rock right away!

To sign up for the competition simply use your illusion… No, we're just kidding! As always, you join the competition by subscribing to our newsletter non-magician style.

Competition ends August 4, 2014 

The "Duff Chorus" TonePrint

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