Funky Fruits-TonePrint von Guitar Center

This Corona Chorus TonePrint goes from the wackiest of wacky sound, from spinning unnatural funk tones to sweet picking chorus sounds. So it's a TonePrint that has a very wide range and is usable in lots of styles. Only your imagination sets the limit


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Barry Mitchel creates a Corona Chorus TonePrint

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Doing TonePrints for Guitar Center together has been something Tore and Barry have been talking about doing since winter Namm 2011. Tore from TC heard Barry play at NAMM and thought: Wow, this guy can really play! So that’s how the whole idea about Barry coming over to TC’s headquarters in Denmark and make TonePrints came about.

Tore: So what’s your background with the guitar?

Barry: I’ve been playing guitar since I was a kid and I worked for line6 for 10 years. So I have sort of an extended background with products and playing, and you know, I just love pedals.

Tore: I think we’re going to have a lot of fun making toneprints. Do you have any idea what you want to do?

Barry: I think we should work on the Flashback Delay, Corona Chorus, Hall of Fame Reverb and the Shaker Vibrato.

Tore: you can use a chorus for a ton of different things. Is there anything in particular that you’ve been messing round with?

Barry: Obviously this is a great chorus that gives you some great sounds. But what I’d like to do on this TonePrint is get it to a place where it’s almost a very specific unnatural sort of tone for funk where you got a lot of spinning going on and it works well with syncopated rhythms. Something a little faster and something that’s you know ‘out there’. Not a typical tone but very usable.

Tore: We’ve done that now. Basically when you crank the pedal up, it’s gonna go to this place that, if you play the wrong kind of thing, it’s probably not going to sound that good but if you play the right kind of thing it’s going to sound really cool, so let’s try that out now. (Barry plays) Cool! If you listen to it all by itself it sounds like you’re out of your mind. But (Barry plays ‘Pick of the pieces’ by Candy Dulfer – Tore: ‘I love that sound’!)

What we’ve done here is, we’ve set it up so it’s really easy to get that crazy sound. On a lot of pedals you have to tweak and tweak but on this: start with everything at 12’o clock, and crank speed and depth, and there you have it. With everything at 12’o clock you get a nice pretty chorus sound. If we add some more effect so that it gets pretty swirly. If we add a little more depth you get a sound suited for picking sounds.

What we’ve dialed in here is pretty versatile. You got both the pretty stuff and the whacked out crazy stuff. It’s just a matter of turning a few knobs.

Tore: So this wraps up our TonePrint session. It’s been a pleasure having you over here doing this.

Barry: It’s been great, I’ve had a lot of fun doing these TonePrints. It really shows you how flexible these pedals are. You can really get any tone that you can hear in your head out. And it was great working on this project with you.

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