Cool Jazz Campaign

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Jazz It Up!

Jazz and fusion innovators Oz Noy, Mike Stern, Dean Brown and Richard Hallebeek have cooked up one superb tone package containing all the delicious, organic, homegrown (better stop now before this turns into an episode of Hells Kitchen) delay and reverb tones you could ever need. Perfect for adding subtle ambience to jazzy progressions or soaring movement to microtonal lead lines.

On top of that we're giving away a Hall of Fame Mini Reverb and Flashback Mini Delay signed by Oz Noy to one lucky winner. Just sign up via the form below to be in the draw.

Contest has ended - The winner is Gaston Gonzales

The TonePrints

Oz Noy "The Slapper" TonePrint for Flashback Delay

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The Artists

The Gear