Raising The Blues TonePrints Teaser

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Blues Innovators

We went ahead and distilled some of the sonic wisdom of rock and blues virtuosos, J.D. Simo, Audley Freed, Larry Mitchell and Robben Ford. This has resulted in a jam-packed TonePrint package containing everything from organic and lush mod tones to highly innovative delay and reverbs tones, perfect for raising the blues!

On top of that we're giving away a Hall of Fame Reverb signed by J.D. Simo and a Helix Phaser signed by Audley Freed to one lucky winner. Just sign up via the form below to be in the draw.

Contest has ended - The winner is Noah Barnett

The TonePrints

J.D. Simo TonePrint Hall of Fame Reverb

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The Artists

The Gear