Deasha-TonePrint von Kern Brantley

The phrase uttered the most during Kern Brantley’s TonePrint session was most definitely “THAT’S NICE!”. Kern was super impressed with the elegant and clear sounding swirls that the Vortex was capable of producing, so that’s what he went for. So, yeah, you may have guessed it, but Kern’s “Deasha” TonePrint isn’t a crazy jet-flange affair or an over-the-top psychedelia trip. Instead it’s a nice clear flanger that just enhances the natural sound of your bass by simply making it wider and more lush. And we know that once you’ve loaded this TonePrint you will be saying “THAT’S NICE!” as well. So go and get your beam on!


Klangbeispiele von Kern Brantley

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Kern Brantley "Deasha" TonePrint Vortex Flanger

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