Desert Flower-TonePrint von Gail Ann Dorsey

Seasoned bassist, Gail Ann Dorsey graces the TonePrint family with her gently named ‘Desert Flower’ creation for the Vortex Flanger pedal. The effect is a subtle flanging effect that will work its magic underneath the tone.


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Gail Ann Dorsey Creates Her 'Desert Flower' TonePrint for the Vortex Flanger

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Going into the session Gail had the vision of creating a slow flanging effect and is exactly what came about with the TonePrint that she has suitably dubbed ’Desert Flower’: a gentle name for a sweet sounding melodic bass effect. We couldn’t have been happier to spend quality time with her whilst she gave us a small taste of what she was all about.

For the Vortex Flanger, Gail wanted to create an effect that was present yet subtle as she claims that ”unless you’re going really extreme, you want the bass to be the bass.” She says that with most things, even with distortions, she wants to be able to blend the bass in so that she has the tone present with the effect working its magic underneath.

During our session, Gail had time to joke as she was adjusting the flange effect ”How about 70% mix? Or 69!? That’s a good number.” This mix was optimal in order to get a clean bass signal.

When asked in what context she would be using her Desert Flower TonePrint, she mentioned it would more appropriately fit into the style of her own instrumental group as opposed to the likes of Lenny Kravitz.

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