The Widener-TonePrint von Chris Minh Doky

Chris likes to use chorus to try and mimic the way he records an acoustic bass. He uses two microphones to record, which spreads the sound and gives a really nice 'wide' feel to your playing. Chris nailed that feel in his TonePrint and wanted other factors (like detuning an modulation) to play a less pronounced role by adding a very slight dark edge. The result is a very natural, wide sound.


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Chris Minh Doky "The Widener" Toneprint

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TC’s Uffe Hansen met up with Chris in his studio in Copenhagen - and Chris was psyched to see us. “It’s so cool doing these TonePrints - I think the concept is great and to see it transferred to bass is awesome. Plus, you know, I can really use these effects to extend my vocabulary.”

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