Unfold Your Audio in 3D at Our AES Booth

Extreme multidimensional surround formats with channel counts that far exceed standard 5.1 or 7.1 surround have become a hot topic in pro audio. At AES 2014 in LA, we will create a 3D Sound booth powered by a 16.2 Dynaudio Professional monitor system, 3 System 6000 units and a Pro Tools rig.

Our System 6000 has been a core audio tool in many world-leading recording, post, mastering and film studios for more than a decade. Still, we continue to release new software for the platform, and the latest algorithm, Reverb 8, is tailored for handling virtually infinite channels of reverb for new multichannel formats.

Even though multidimensional sound is on the rise, not all studios are equipped to mix in these new formats. Therefore, we invite you to bring your own tracks or Pro Tools files to our AES Booth and unfold it in 3D.

A stereo - or even a mono - track can be upconverted to 5.1 with System 6000's UnWrap algorithm and from there Reverb 8 unfolds the audio in an impressive 3D sound field.

Find Us at Booth 1310


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