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There may be 50 ways to leave your Lexicon, but now there is one that is better than all the rest.

While Lexicon discontinued the L platform, we continued to develop our System 6000 platform, turning it into far more than 'just' a reverb unit.

Today, you can get no less than 42 pristine algorithms, covering reverb, dynamics processing, EQ, delay, chorus, phaser, loudness metering and correction, conversion between stereo and 5.1, noise reduction and more.

In other words, the system can be tailored to meet any pro audio need.

If you own a Lexicon 300L, 480L or 960L, you can now crossgrade to a brand new System 6000 MKII and get a $5,000 / €4,000 discount.

System 6000 MKII comes in 4 variants tailored for:

To take advantage of this crossgrade offer, simply get in touch with our sales team before 31 March 2014. 

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