Darryl Jones uses his "Solo Vibe" TonePrint for the Shaker Vibrato

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Big Time

Guess what? You owe us big time.

Why? - A spankin' new TonePrint made by non-other than Darryl Jones is why!

This legendary bass player has played alongside rock giants like Eric Clapton, Peter Gabriel and Sting, and has been touring with The Rolling Stones for more than 20 years now.

Yeah, you definitely owe us big time! You know what? Thinking of it, a basketful of thank-you-muffins has never been more called for…

… But then again, we'd much rather have you sign up for our newsletter instead - That way you'll also have a chance of winning a Shaker Vibrato signed by the man himself!



Hear The "Solo Vibe" TonePrint

Sound examples by Darryl Jones

The TonePrint

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