Working at TC

Working at TC Electronic is more a lifestyle than anything else. The essence of the company is the belief and will to make audio products that exceed and excel all others. It comes from that sentiment any critical user of audio equipment has had when working with his gear: This can be done better.

As this is exactly what TC has focused on over the years - doing things better - it has attracted a highly skilled and creative staff in all areas of the company. Naturally such an environment is very demanding but also inspiring - personal as well as professional.

The structure of TC is very organic and non-hierarchic. The high level of responsibility that most employees have is a key element to the success of TC and a driving factor for both personal and technological development. An equally important aspect of working at TC is the ability to have fun. Therefore formalities are virtually non-existent in the company and a casual and lighthearted ambience is encouraged and nurtured. In correspondence with that a welfare patrol has been established to organize social events of all kinds.
All these elements create an atmosphere of being a part of something important and groundbreaking, which is indeed the case.

Open job positions are listed below.

Embedded software udvikler

Vi søger en agil softwareudvikler til vores udviklingsprojekter i Aarhus. Du vil blive en del af teamet for udvikling af guitareffekter og tunere. Guitar teamet tæller 11 personer, der arbejder tværfagligt med disciplinerne software, hardware, mekanik, design og product management. Vi arbejder efter Agile metoder hvor vi anvender Scrum. Guitar teamet er driveren i produktudviklingen fra idé-generering og specifikation, over design og udvikling. Vi arbejder iterativt med konceptudvikling af vores produkt-ideer, her vil du blive en spiller i vores innovationsproces. Primære opgaver: Udvikling af embedded SW i C og C++, til ARM, AVR32 og SHARC platforme, Udvikling af mindre Mac og PC programmer i C++, Styrkning af platforms udvikling for nemmere re-use i andre projekter.

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