Chorus1 TonePrint by Brian May

Brian May has one of the most distinct guitar tones in all of rock’s history. That is due to a combination of several factors: The sound of a Red Special® guitar plugged into several effect units and then sent to a triad of vintage AC30’s - and, of course, Brian May playing the guitar! This TonePrint will not give you any of the above (least of all Brian May’s playing). What it will give you is the chorus-sound from Brian May’s own G-Major 2 system. And that in it self is pretty awesome!

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Pete Malandrone (Brian May Tech) Gear Run & Interview

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May’s choice of equipment is as unique as is his guitar playing. For example, he built his famous Red Special guitar himself when he was still at school, with some help from his father. The guitar featured a 24-fret neck and pickup wired by May himself. Furthermore he added the possibility of changing the phase of each pickup separately – to get just the right sound. This paints a picture of an artist with a very broad knowledge of music gear and clear opinions about what works for him. Therefore we were honored to find out that TC Electronic’s G-Major 2 System is Brian May’s go-to processor for chorus and pitch shifting effects. This TonePrint will give you the customized chorus preset from Brian May’s very own G-Major 2 System. Every parameter is 1:1 - We’ve even named the TonePrint the same: “Chorus1”.

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