Warble Chorus TonePrint by John 5

Aiming for a speedy chorus with a lot of depth, John 5 created the Warble Chorus. Although most pedals don’t go as far out and extreme as John 5 wanted, it was possible to break that barrier with TC’s Corona Chorus. The resulting sound has a cool, creepy feel to it emulating a keyboard or a theremin, with just a bit of distortion that gives it a nice warble.

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John 5 - Warble Chorus - TonePrint

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TC: How are you John, what have you been up to? John 5: Hello. I’m scoring the Rob Zombie film Lords of Salem and also working on a record, just keeping busy, lots of stuff to do. I have a solo album as well and it’s called ”God Told Me To” and it should be out in a couple of months. There’s singles out online right now and there’s a dvd that goes with the cd.

TC: Tell us a little bit about the way you play. You play a lot of other different styles! What did you start up by playing? John 5: It’s funny cause in the beginning I wanted to be a session musician so I just wanted to play on records. I didn’t ever fathom being a rock star or anything like that. I just wanted to be a session musician but I understood that I had to know all these different styles of music really well so I always studied every kind of music. And it’s also very interesting to me to hear all these different styles, cause I like variety and I think the listener does as well. If you like guitar you can listen to any kind of nice guitar.

TC: And you started with… ? John 5: Rock, man, for sure. I was really interested in country at first because I saw this little gig, I was six or seven and a guy was playing banjo and I was like ”Oh my God, this thing is so great!”. But then I saw Van Halen and that was it! Everything was Kiss and Van Halen and all that stuff. I like rock and all that shreddy stuff the most. That’s what I grew up on. But I like learning everything, every kind of style of music cause everything is really different. Western swing is so different from shredding rock stuff, it’s like learning a new language or learning a new craft.

TC: So do you get to play some of these styles with rock? John 5: Not really, just a little bit. But that’s mainly why I do my instrumental records, There’s no rules whatsoever. I’ll put on a complete bluegrass song next to like a crazy, crazy speed metal song and I think that is one of the reasons people enjoy my records. I think the listener enjoys that as well. I’ve done five solo albums so far and I’m working on my sixth and I think I need to do something different now, incorporating all these styles so I did this half acoustic record, a really cool one. It’s a different kind of sound.

TC: What are your plans for the creation of this TonePrint? John 5: Well, I’m going to put my sound in the Corona Chorus pedal. This is a sound that I would use live with Rob Zombie. I don’t use a lot of effects live. The reason why is – true story – when I was playing Marilyn Manson somebody was saying ”Oh, what do you think of John 5?” ”Oh, he’s all effects”. And I thought ”Oh that sucks cause I’m so not like that”. So just because of that guy’s comment I hardly ever use effects cause I like to do everything with my hands. I don’t even have a whammy bar. But the effects I do use, are Chorus, Overdrive and of course, distortion. But basically I just do it barebone and simple.

TC: When you do use effects like Chorus for example, do you typically go for something more subtle or just more extreme? John 5: I usually go for something way more extreme to mimic a keyboard or to mimic a theremin, something like that. So I like choruses with a lot of depth and a lot of speed. I can get that real warble type of sound.

TC: That kinda has a cool, creepy sound to it, sounds a little like a theremin. John 5: That’s cool because the modulation goes up almost a half-step so you get that aura kind of like you’re still in tune.

TC: So you also mentioned that you wanted to get a more extreme chorus sound something that you couldn’t get from a lot of other pedals cause they just don’t allow you to go that far . I think we’ve managed to do that.

John 5: Yeah, it sounds awesome. And as I’ve said before, I like to emulate the sound of a keyboard, or a theremin to make a creepy sound. I think it works perfect. A lot of choruses don’t go that far and this one is still in tune. And it has a nice warble. TC: Yes, and with a bit of distortion it gets that creepy feel. John 5: It gives a nice warble sound, hence the name: Warble Chorus.

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