E-Piano Chorus TonePrint by Adam Holzman

This TonePrint has the honor of being the very first one not created with guitarists or bassists in mind (sorry guys, but that are plenty of TonePrints for you). This one is for the keyboard-playing people! Therefore, if you are reading this, you are either, in fact, a keyboard player or just a very persistent guitarist/bassist (just let it go, dude!). Therefore you probably already know that e-pianos sound incredible when coupled with guitar effects and amps - Be it a wah-wah pedal (for that early jazz fusion sound), a phase shifter (for a “Just The Way You Are” kind-of sound) or a chorus pedal (for an edgy, swirling, classic 80s-Rhodes tone). You probably also know that TC Electronic’s legendary Stereo Chorus Flanger has been many-a Rhodes-player's favored pedal for decades. Well, guess what, this TonePrint is as close to the tone of the SCF you can get, without actually buying one.


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Adam Holzman uses his "E-Piano Chorus" TonePrint for the Corona Chorus

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This TonePrint is based on the Advanced Chorus algorithm in the Corona Chorus. Adam Holzman has tweaked it to suit e-piano sounds beautifully.

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