Introducing combined Bass TonePrints

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Double Up on Awesome!

Fellow bass players, we know you've all been starving for this - And now it's actually here! Introducing: Combined TonePrint for all TonePrint enabled Bass Amps.

Now a single TonePrint slot on your amp can host two different effects at once - pretty sweet, huh? Indeed it is! We've served up six Combined TonePrints to get you going, all based on the sweet merger of the SpectraComp and the TubeDrive. What's extra sweet is there's no need for any upgrades. Just plug in, beam that Combined TonePrint to your amp, and start rockin'!

Take it to the next level

You thought you had us all figured out, right? A TonePrint is just a TonePrint, right? We don't blame you. But here at TC we're all about pushing things forward, and taking that next step into unknown sonic territories. That's why we've come up with the best thing since bass-strings. A combination of two or more high quality TC effects, to take your creativity to the next level!

Updates are so last year!

Who has time for software updates!? We just wanna rock, right!? That's why we've made it so that Combined TonePrint just works straight off the bat. Simply plug in your bass, and beam that nice Combined TonePrint to your amp, or upload it via USB. Less work, more fun!

This is Just the Beginning

For starters we have made six specially crafted Combined TonePrints for you to try. But there is more to come! The Combined TonePrint catalogue will keep on expanding with awesome combinations of our legendary TC effects. So remember to stay tuned!

Sound Examples

Sound examples by Uriah Duffy

Shut up and take me to the Combined TonePrints!