Star Tweaked Signature Sounds

TonePrint simply means signature effects and allows you to load a custom tuned version of a TC effect directly into your TonePrint pedal, creating the direct link between you and the sounds that inspire you. That one power chord that made you go 'I gotta do that! or the subtle arpeggiated intro that moved you in a way you never experienced before - we all have a musical starting point and yours is waiting for you here.

Lots of those famous people love TC Electronic and weve approached them for signature versions of our effects, their interpretation of the TC sounds that inspired them. And best of all? The results are available to you for absolutely zilch, nada, zip and zero. You're welcome

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It's gotta be TC

For over 30 years, we've been making guitar effects - its kinda what we do. Because our effects sounded really good and they were constructed of the highest quality components, we quickly rose to the top of the game. And stayed there. The point is, most of the classic songs. albums and jams you know, bve and grew up with feature TC effects.

That's why we brought back our most revered effects, delay, reverb and chorus and added the classic flange and vibrato to complete a lineup of compact TonePrint enabled pedals that have the DNA of rock in them but are rooted in our rock solid tradition of quality sounds.

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So you have a TonePrint pedal and you know which sound you wanna load up. Now what? Well, no matter what situation you're in, from rehearsal room to bedroom to stage, loading TonePrints is super easy. Even if you think Floyd Rose is Axl's younger brother, the ToneTransfer process is intuitive and so straightforward. your knuckle-dragging cousin could do it

If you have a smartphone, you can download our free TonePrint app.Through a series of levers and pulleys and some space magic from the 4Sth century, this app allows you to choose from our complete library of artists (no internet connection, bluetooth or satellite linkup required) and wirelessly beam the TonePrint via your pickup. It doesn't take more than a few seconds and (granted, were biased) it's pretty friggin' awesome.

Stuck with a USB cable? Get a smartphone. Nah, you can also download and transfer from a computer by connecting the included USB cable But trust us - get a smartphone.