No Compromise TC Technology

Anybody familiar with TC, knows that our hardware products boast superior and award-winning sound quality. Studio Konnekt 48 effects are no exception! We are delighted to present you with "the sound of TC". In fact, what you get is the capability and the sound quality of two full-blown 19" rack unit effects processors - built directly into Studio Konnekt 48.

The software package that comes with Studio Konnekt 48 contains a nice mix between plug-ins running on Studio Konnekt 48 DSPs and native plug-ins that run on your computer's CPU.

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24/8 Channel Mixer with 48-bit Double Precision Summing

Studio Konnekt 48 features a 24 in 8 out digital mixer with 48-bit double precision sum busses and 56-bit internal processing. The mixer runs on the DSPs of Studio Konnekt, and can therefore be used at all times; if your host application is not running or even if the computer is shut down. The mixer has insert points for the Fabrik plug-ins, also running on the DSPs. Each of the mixer's outputs can be routed to any of the physical outputs.

With this mixer, you can skip your physical mixer in the studio; Studio Konnekt 48 offers all you need, and with the built-in DSP reverb, it even has a nice cue verb for the artist in the recording booth.

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The mixer also features a comprehensive talkback feature with listen back, which allows you to communicate with the artist(s) in the recording booth.

Studio Konnekt 48 comes with professional and innovative high quality TC effects. Running on the DSPs inside the audio interface you'll find the Fabrik C Studio which is a 4-band EQ, multiband compressor and limiter. Fabrik C Studio works like a very nice channel strip and is very suited as a mastering tool and is based on technology from TC's renowned System 6000.

Also running on DSPs is the Fabrik R Studio, based on the nine stunning algorithms from TC's Reverb 4000 processor.

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In MINTTM Condition

The Fabrik C Studio and Fabrik R Studio plug-ins are both based on MINTTM - Meta Intuitive Navigation Technology - a novel approach to internal audio processing.

The design and programming philosophy gives you instant gratification and ensures that you won't waste time tweaking a bunch of parameters to get professional results; simply get the sound you want by moving the MINTTM icons. It literally lets your ears back into audio production. Because that's what it's all about - listening, not tweaking.

On top of that, we're sure you'll be amazed by the superior processing and sound quality that these MINTTM based effects have to offer.

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Speaker Management with Bass Management

Studio Konnekt 48 features support for surround systems at an unprecedented level for audio interfaces. The speaker management section is based on technology from Dynaudio Professional's AIRTM Series, and it enables you to set individual speaker level and delay.

This ensures perfect level alignment between speakers and if the physical nature of your control room is not perfectly suited for the speaker sets, the delay can be used to compensate for this.

Part of the speaker management section is the integrated bass management with selectable filters and frequency crossover points. The bass management system is designed to subtract the bass contents of the main channels and reproduce this by the use of a subwoofer.

Typically, you'd check your mix on a number of different speakers. Therefore, most studios have at least a couple of speaker sets or three. Studio Konnekt 48 has support for 3 speaker sets and you can switch between the sets from the remote.

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Intuitive Guitar Tuner

An intuitive guitar tuner is also part of the DSP effects included with Studio Konnekt 48. You can access the tuner from within the control panel. Choose between tuner modes, generate a reference tone for acoustic tuning and choose between a number of scales.

An extra cool dimension is that you can also use the remote for tuning a guitar. In tuner mode, the lightring of the remote will show note deviation and by pressing the encoder button, you can generate the reference tone.

Native plug-ins

The software package that comes with Studio Konnekt 48 contains a nice mix between plug-ins running on Studio Konnekt 48 DSPs and native plug-ins that run on your computer's CPU.

Natively running plug-ins included with Studio Konnekt 48 are:

  • ResFilter
  • Assimilator Konnekt
  • Integrator

To learn more about the included native plug-ins, please read on.

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ResFilter is a resonance filter that offers ultra fat filtering effects. You can choose between 6, 12 and 24 dB slopes to get the filter sound you need, and the Drive option lets you add more juice to your sound.

Innovative, new communication technology offers communication between plug-ins. If you have more instances, you can have parameters from one instance control parameters of other instances. This will let you do cross-overs between tracks using cutoff to obtain the nice sound of filters blending in and out. If you insert a filter on each of your tracks, you can setup one of them to be "Master" to control all the others, assigning very powerful control options to just one button. The number of instances you can run is only limited by the power of your CPU.

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Assimilator Konnekt

Assimilator Konnekt is a native fingerprint EQ which is an extremely powerful equalization tool that "learns" the frequency curve of one piece of audio so it can be applied to another audio file - Ideal for analyzing and copying EQ curves of individual instruments, voices or reference mixes. It truly excels when applied to align the frequency response of different tracks recorded at different times compiled to appear on the same album.

Assimilator Konnekt derives from Assimilator - a very popular plug-in originally developed for PowerCore. It has been re-designed to run as a native plug-in.

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The Integrator plug-in (VST and AU) makes integration of external hardware into your DAW environment seamless. It offers a "plug-in" audio routing representation of your external hardware: Reverb 4000, Finalizer, System 6000, etc.

Since Integrator operates like a normal VST/AU plug-in it can be inserted on any track, as a send effect or on your host application's master output.

It works with up to four Konnekt audio interfaces at a time, so if you have more interfaces, simply select the one that the external hardware is attached to.

All plug-ins VST- and AU-compatible
All the plug-ins that come with Studio Konnekt 48 are VST and AU compatible. This means that you can use them with any VST and AU compatible host application, such as Logic, Garageband, Nuendo, Cubase, Ableton Live, Cakewalk etc. Even the DSP based effects are VST/AU compatible and can be used with those applications.