Software Options

All TouchMonitor models come with a basic software package that includes:

  • Stereo-PPM w/ Analog Scales - DIN5, Nordic, British IIa, British IIb
  • Stereo-PPM w/ Digital Scales - 0 to -60 dB, +3 to - 60 dB TruePeak, DIN5, Nordic, British IIa and British IIb
  • Peak Hold, Peak Memory, Over Indicators and Phase Meter
  • Loudness & SPL License

Optionally, a broad variation of software modules, or 'instruments', are available as licences. You can order optional instruments either at the point of purchase, or at a later point. If the license was ordered at the point of purchase, the license will be activated at delivery. If you choose to order a license after purchase, the order process starts from the 'Licences' menu of the TouchMonitor.

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Radar Loudness Display (optional)

The Radar Loudness Display license provides a high resolution circular Loudness history display for Momentary values, enhanced with numerical display of measuring time and two descriptors.

The Radar Display is compatible with all other Radar Loudness Meters from TC Electronic.

If you need to measure more than two audio channels, the Multi-channel License is required.

  • Loudness Landscape Overview - Loudness History, Momentary Loudness (M), True-peak Level, Program Loudness (I) and Loudness Range (LRA) in a Single View
  • Extremely Consistent Loudness Readout
  • Detailed statistics view
  • Ultimate Compliance- Conforms to all major broadcast standards
  • Load Two Separate Radar Displays Simultaneously- Dual 24-hour History for pre- and post proccessing overview
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Loudness & SPL (included with all models)

This license expands the basic stereo PPM with Loudness measuring functions as described in EBU R128, ITU-R BS.1770-2/1771, ATSC A/85, and ARIB guidelines, and LRA instrument for the graphical display of the Loudness Range.

A customer-specific mode allows the user to modify parameters.

In addition, the module provides an SPL display mode with various weighting filters and integration times as well as reference level adjust to calculate an SPL value from an electrical signal.

If you need to measure more than two audio channels, the Multi-channel License is required.

  • Expands the Basic Stereo PPM- Loudness Measuring as described in EBU Loudness Measuring Documents and ITU BS.1771 guidelines
  • Parameters Can be Modified
  • SPL Display Mode - Various Weighting Filters and Integration
  • Reference Level Adjustment - Calculate an SPL Value from an Electrical Signal
  • Includes the LRA Instrument - Magic Eye View that Combines the Two Essential Measurements: Program Loudness and Loudness Range
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SSA Surround Sound Analyzer (optional)

This license is a powerful tool for visualizing the interaction of all important parameters of surround signals.

The dynamic behaviour of all display elements (House display) corresponds to the subjective listening impression, enabling you to see the balance of a surround programme intuitively and at a glance.

If you need to measure more than two audio channels, the Multi-channel License is required.

  • Powerful Visualization of Surround Signals
  • The Dynamics of all Display Elements Corresponds to the Subjective Listening Impression- See the Balance of a Surround Program Intuitively and at a Glance.
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Premium PPM + VectorScope

This license expands the Basic Stereo PPM (standard software) with additional scales (Zoom, SMPTE, NHK, ARD+9, et aI.), additional display modes (segment, classic), and PPM/VU moving coil instruments with different scales and functions. It also provides a 2-channel Audio Vectorscope and a separate phase meter.

  • Expand the Basic Stereo PPM with Additional Scales - Zoom, SMPTE, NHK, ARD+9
  • Expand the Basic Stereo PPM with Additional Functions - Peak Hold, Peak Memory, Over indicator
  • 2-Channel Audio Vectorscope
  • PPM/VU moving coil
  • Separate Phase Meter

Add the Multi-Channel License to extend to multi-channel PPM, to enchance the Multi-Correlator (up to 10 Phase Meters) and to add gain reduction.

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RTA Real Time Analyzer (optional)

This license provides 31 bands of spectral distribution display for single channels, channel pairs or groups plus HP HF band.

If you need to measure more than two audio channels, the Multi-channel License is required.

  • Spectral Distribution Display - 31 Bands for Single Channels, Channel Pairs or Groups Plus HP HF Band
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The instrument generates and analyzes BLITS test signals. BLITS (Black & Lane's Ident Tones for Surround) is a tool that allows you to test channel allocation, level and phase of 5.1 surround signals. Developed by Martin Black and Keith Lane from Sky TV in London in 2004, this sequence is widely used in international broadcasting

  • Generate BLITS test signal
  • Analyze channel allocation, phase, delay and polarity
  • Use any digital input of the TouchMonitor
  • Generate BLITS for surround
  • Generate GLITS or EBU 3304 for stereo
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Time Code Reader & Loudness Recalc

The Time Code reader provides the timecode function as a separate mode generating an individual audio group providing the Timecode Reader instrument.

It is used to decode and to display an SDI-embedded or LTC timecode using the 3G-SDI interface or one of the selectable audio inputs.

The module also includes the Loudness Recalc instrument for the control of a loudness measurement by a timecode with or without recalculation.

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Logging Data Server & Loudness Chart

This module allows to collect data of Loudness and TruePeak measurements and either to store them on a USB flash drive or to send them via IP connection to the LQL - Loudness Quality Logger PC software for analyzing.

The module also includes the Loudness Chart instrument for displaying and analyzing the course ofa loudness measurement directly on TouchMonitor's display.

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Multi-Channe License (optional)

Expands routing to:

  • Mono
  • Stereo
  • 3.1 Surround
  • 5.0 Surround
  • 5.1 Surround
  • Multi-Channel (2 to 8 Channels in One Block - Up to 4 Blocks with 3G SDI Option)