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In 1995 Björn Gelotte joined In Flames on drums, playing on two albums. Just three years later he did something rather unprecedented, when he climbed over the drum kit, moved to the front of the stage, and switched to guitar.

Looking back it wasn’t a bad call at all. In 2004 he was ranked the 70th best metal guitar player of all time in Guitar World, which is quite understandable.

His tough, fat tone, precise riffing and powerful chords are a big part of the innovative In Flames-sound – meshing a melodic sensibility with the brutal onslaught of Death Metal, creating the sub-genre of Melodic Death Metal.

He has lead the metal-warriors out of their Swedish Viking homeland to raid the world, finding great success across the mighty Atlantic when invading America. The ruthless yet melodic assault of In Flames has burned through the entire continent, inspiring bands such as Darkest Hour and As I Lay Dying.

The trademark of In Flames is the skillfully interplay between Björn and fellow guitarist Niclas Engelin. Although twin-guitar riffs may be reminiscent of the eighties, it takes on a wholly different and new life in the hands of the two guitarists.

Even as the adventurous band searches out new corners of their creativity and musical expression, the twin-guitar attack is still at the very core of In Flames. It is the signature sound that makes the band instantly recognizable to their legions of fans.

Still going strong 20 years into their musical crusade, the joyous fire is by no means extinguished. It crackles on through their latest album, “Battles”, where the legends have a refreshing take on their music.

The album sees the band embarking on a world tour, bringing them to Europe in the first months of 2017. They will bring both melodic havoc and wildfire to a village near you.

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