The Police - Walking On The Moon (Live 1983)

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Andy Summers!! You didn't see that one coming huh? And we gotta say that we're just as excited as you guys. We're practically over the moon about this one, and we're sure you'll be doing your own interstellar happy-dance once you've loaded Andy's amazing recreations of his own lush and zingy "Walking On The Moon" tones into your pedals.


Now, we know it's hard to think straight when you suddenly get your hands on new awesome tones, so here's the game plan.

STEP 1: Sign up to our newsletter below, and be in the running for a Flashback Delay and a Corona Chorus signed by Andy Summers himself.

STEP 2: Beam TonePrints.
STEP 3: Rock out!


Competition ends: December 15th. The winner will be announced on Facebook and contacted via e-mail.

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