Most people would classify Jazz as the music style with bluesy notes, improvisation, polyrhythms, syncopation and swing. We just think it's cool. Taste is a hard thing to capture and it's tough to say why you like something.

Even Jazz has a hard time classifying itself, ranging from styles like *deep breath* soul jazz, jazz fusion, jazz rock, smooth jazz, jazz-funk, punk jazz, acid jazz, ethno jazz, jazz rap, cyber jazz, Indo jazz, M-Base, to nu jazz and beyond - and that's just the start!

All we know is that it's super exciting and challenging for us guitarists, so we gathered some of the coolest guitar guys in jazz today (Dean Brown, Lee Ritenour, Grand Baton), made some great TonePrints and even had Mr. Dean Brown provide a great jazz lesson to boot!

Who's bringing the Jazz?

Jazz TonePrints


Sound examples by Lee Ritenour & Dean Brown