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About Zoltan Bathory

Zoltan Bathory is the founder, guitarist and a major songwriter for the award winning LA metal band, Five Finger Death Punch.

Their debut album, The Way of the Fist, was released in July 2007 and has sold over 420,000 copies. Their second album, entitled War Is the Answer, was released in September 2009. The record sold over 44,000 copies on its first week of release and debuted #7 on the Billboard 200. All three singles off of the WITA cycle became top 10 hits, and the record sold over 300,000 copies in just 8 months. Further, Zoltan won the "Best Shredder" award at the 2010 Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards. This award was the third Golden God trophy the band collected having already won the 2009 Best New Artist and 2010 Breakthrough Artist awards. With 6 top 10 singles under his belt, Zoltan is rapidly becoming one of the most successful songwriter/producers of modern day heavy metal.

When asked about his G-System Zoltan said…

'I started out with the original TC Electronic G-Major, but I then found out that the TC Electronic G-System can switch the channels on my head (Relay Switching). Now, I'm using all of the G-system effects. I loved the effects on the G-Major already, and it's the same thing, but with all the extra features and the floor board. I said that if I was going to switch to this system, I would need something bulletproof and TC showed me that this was actually tank-proof!* My lead singer usually runs across my pedal board, so I figured if it could handle a tank it could probably handle Ivan too! He jumps on it nightly and throws water on it and so far, so good. It holds up nicely.

Besides the sound quality of the effects, a it's a huge plus that I don't have any gear in my rack anymore. I used to have all kinds of switchers and other stuff. Basically, right now I have this unit and it switches all my amps and it does everything that I need!'

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