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About Yuji 'YOU' Adachi

Yuji Adachi, best known as the guitarist 'YOU' from the Japanese rock band Dead End, started playing guitar when he was in his teens. He quickly gained a reputation among various guitarists and joined Dead End, one of the hiking heavy melodic rock bands, in 1986.

Although the band was separated in 1990, and despite the fact that they didn't release that many albums, there are a lot of major Japanese artists today who profess their influence from Dead End's early adaptation of gothic and new wave tastes to heavy metal. Dead End was re-united in 2009 in conjunction with a 20-year anniversary project, and they released their comeback album 'METAMORPHOSIS'. They came up with their latest album 'Dream Demon Analyzer' in March 2012 and toured all around Japan after that.

Besides wielding the guitar in Dead End, Yuji has also released a total of two solo albums; 'Psychial Island' released in September 1990, and 'You's Alien' released in August 2005. His résumé holds a never ending list of collaborations with legendary artists such as Japanese singer-songwriter Ryuichi Kawamura from the rock band Luna Sea and Japanese pop singer Nami Tamaki. As if this wasn't enough, this equilibristic instrumental engineer also finds time to teach music lessons and run his very own guitar school.

When rocking on tour or recording in the studio, Yuji seeks inspiration in the wide range of cool effects TC has to offer. Our products provide him with the exact tools he needs to obtain his killer sound. We sat down to create a whole bunch of very unique TonePrints for the Corona Chorus, the Flashback Delay, The Dreamscape and the Vortex Flanger - some of Yuji's all time favorite guitar sounds.

TonePrints by Yuji 'YOU' Adachi

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