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About Yo-Akim

Yo Akim is a Danish producer and label boss known for his electrified mixes, cultural crossovers and deep love for all things hiphop.

His passport speaks of one Joakim Hjejle, but most know him by his hiphop moniker, Yo Akim.

Since he broke onto the scene in the 80s, he's become a central figure in Scandinavian hiphop, and you'll be hard-pressed to find anyone who lives and breathes hiphop like him.

When listening to a mix or project with Yo Akim, you can always hear the 80s vibe, even though much of his recent work takes on other contemporary urban mantels, like grime or nu-reggae.

Besides keeping the spirit of classic hiphop alive, his work always has a sweet and heavy emphasis on groove and punch, a trademark which has gained him wide recognition from artists, reviewers and audiences.

His mix credits notably include a range of strong female vocalists and rappers such as Lucy Love, Camille Jones, Anisette (of Savage Rose fame) and Linkoban.

Besides producing and mentoring upcoming artists, Yo Akim is known for his cultural crossovers, fusing theatre and hiphop in unconventional ways and introducing the art forms to new audiences, young and old alike.

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