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About Will Nuruwe

Will Nuruwe is an ultra-versatile Dutch bass player who effortlessly switches between jazz, funk, soul and rock. This has seen him share the stage with some of the biggest international and local acts within the world of music.

Will Nuruwe grew up in an extremely musical household in the Netherlands, where both of his parents loved to listen to and play music. This saw young Will being bitten by the music-bug very early on after his dad placed an acoustic guitar in his hands at the tender age of six.

Even though that classical guitar was way too big for Will's hands to hold at the time, he didn't give up, which paints a perfect picture of Will Nuruwe's ambitious and tenacious personality at a very young age.

These character traits have seen Will Nuruwe transform in several ways ever since. First, after learning the guitar, he decided to take on the groovy world of bass. His affection for this instrument grew rapidly seeing him decide to chase a career as a pro musician by studying the bass guitar at the Dutch Music Conservatory.

Will Nuruwe kept progressing as a musician by playing as many diverse gigs as possible during his time at the conservatory, seeing him master everything from Jazz to Soul and R&B and all the way to full-on rock grooves.

Hence it's no wonder that Will has had the pleasure of playing with a lot of different acts after he graduated. Among them are huge American acts like Mike Stern and Neal Schon (Journey), but also big Dutch acts like Edsilia Rombley, Bob Color and Total Touch, all while finding the time to run his solo-project, Will Nuruwe & Friends on the side.

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