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About Wesley Geer

Wes Geer rose to fame as the guitar player in the cross-over metal band Hed P.E. Since then things haven't exactly slowed down for Wes lately, as he was chosen by metal giants Korn as their touring guitar player, replacing Brian 'Head' Welch on stage.

Wesley got into playing guitar when he heard Van Halen at the age of 15. "I wanted to know how to make all those crazy sounds, and hammer-ons sounded so amazing -I just had to play. Iron Maiden was next with the dual harmonies calling to me. I played for eight hours a day, and because I was always moving as a kid the guitar was my best friend".

TonePrints by Wesley Geer

Videos with Wesley Geer

Wesley Geer, Korn touring guitarist, creates a TonePrint for the Shaker Vibrato Guitar Pedal