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About Victor Wooten

Victor Wooten redefines the word musician. Five time Grammy Award winner, three times Bass Player of the Year winner and acclaimed as one of the Top Ten Bassists of All Time by Rolling Stone Magazine, Victor Wooten is an idol to many musicians.

Bass generally is not considered a solo instrument, but when Victor Wooten picks it up, he proves everybody wrong and shows that, in fact, it can be an awesome solo instrument! What is interesting about Victor is that he was taught by his older brothers to play music from the age of two and at the age of five was already performing with them in their family band The Wooten Brothers.

At six he was on tour with his brothers opening shows for legendary soul artist Curtis Mayfield. In 1988 Victor moved to Nashville, TN where he worked with singer Jonell Mosser and met New Grass Revival banjo ace Bela Fleck. A year later, Fleck enlisted Wooten to perform with him on a television show and Bela Fleck and the Flecktones were born. After three highly successful albums, the band became a trio, which enabled Victor to develop and display a staggering array of fingerboard skills that turned him into a bass hero of Pastorian-proportions and helped earn the band 5 Grammy awards. As the '90s progressed, Wooten added a solo recording career and numerous collaborations to his duties in the Flecktones. Along with solo albums like 1996's A Show of Hands and the following year's What Did He Say?, Wooten contributed to albums by friends such as India Arie, Dave Matthews Band, Paul Brady, and Branford Marsalis' Buckshot LeFonque.

His third solo album, Yin-Yang, which featured appearances by Fleck, Bootsy Collins, and the Wooten Brothers, was released in 1999. Live in America from 2001 documented four years on the road in a double-disc package. After tours with the Flecktones and a 2001 release/tour with the group Bass Extremes, Wooten returned to his solo career in 2005 with the album Soul Circus.

Released in 2008, Palmystery included guests performances by drummer Dennis Chambers, guitarist Mike Stern, Howard Levy on harmonica, and many others.

In 2011 Wooten formed his own record label, VIX Records (, and released A Show of Hands-15, a re-mastered version of his debut recording. In 2012 Wooten simultaneously released two records: Words and Tones, featuring female vocalist, and the instrumental album Sword and Stone. With the continued success of his book The Music Lesson ( and his camps (, Victor Wooten doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

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