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About Uriah Duffy

Uriah Duffy is an American bassist best known for his five-year stint with 80's hard rock band Whitesnake. In addition to Whitesnake, Duffy has shown his talent across genres and recorded with a number of high profile artists, including Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys.

Uriah Duffy has played on numerous high profile recordings and his credit list includes a huge variety of artists, such as Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys and the legendary band Whitesnake.

Uriah grew up on the East Coast US playing in rock bands while learning a fusion of styles, including Classical, Theater and Jazz. After turning down a scholarship at Berklee School of

Music in Boston, Uriah moved to a different Berkeley, this one on the West coast. Here

he started gigging and gigging, applying his knowledge of different styles of playing to many genres.

Consequently he has now worked with a wide variety of musicians, including TnA (Pat Travers and Carmine Appice), Christina Aguilera, Metal gurus Doug Doppler and Danny Jones and has even played bass for Family Stone Experience and Funk 101, both of whom feature some original members of Sly & the Family Stone. Duffy has recently been on the road as Musical Director for Bay Area Hip Hopper Lyric.

When doing his work, Duffy opts to use our TC Electronic bass amps that simply revolutionize on-stage performance with their tone shaping capabilities.

TonePrints by Uriah Duffy

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BG250 Combo Bass Amp - TonePrint®

BG250 Combo Bass Amp - Dynamic Tone Contouring Filter

BG250 Combo Bass Amp - Master Section

BG250 Combo Bass Amp - Switch-3 Footswitch

BG250 Combo Bass Amp - Tuner

BG250 Bass Combo - Roscoe Beck's First Impression

TC Electronic BH250 (en español)

BH250 Bass Head - The Story Behind the Amp

Uriah Duffy about BH500 from TC Electronic

Uriah Duffy and Blacksmith bass amp from TC Electronic

TC Electronic Blacksmith (Deutsch)

Points North - YYZ (live @ the Quarter Note)

Uriah Duffy and TC Electronic RH750 at Musikmesse Frankfurt

Uriah Duffy's Gold TonePrint

Uriah Duffy's Female Viking TonePrint

Uriah Duffy's AfterShock TonePrint

Uriah Duffy's Moonlight TonePrint