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About Troy Sanders

Troy Sanders rocks the bass lines and vocals in the hugely successful American heavy metal band, Mastodon, which is famous for their hard-rocking riffs, psychedelic multi-layered songs and great melodies.

Mastodon was formed in 1999, after the members discovered a common passion for sludge metal and hard rock. Over the years, Mastodon has released extremely memorable and critically appraised records like 'Remission', 'Leviathan', 'Blood Mountain' and 'Crack the Sky' - of which the latter has sold over 200.000 copies in the US alone. At the time of writing, the band is putting the final touches on its next album 'The Hunter' which is hitting the streets in September 2011.

"I'm rocking the Blacksmith every night - It's killer' says Troy. We are proud to deliver the massive sound Troy needs to smash up the stage with his monster band, Mastodon."POWER, WARMTH, CLARITY & DRIVE!" are the four powerful words Troy uses when he is asked to describe the Blacksmith. Further, Troy and his techs were so pleased with the Blacksmith and its warm sound that Troy decided to use it on Mastodon's new album, 'The Hunter'.

This summer (2011), Mastodon rocked the main stage at Roskilde Festival in Denmark and we got the opportunity to meet Troy for a quick chat about our bass gear and Mastodon's coming album 'The Hunter'.

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