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About Trey Xavier

California-based guitar blogger, Trey Xavier, is the man behind the Gear Gods channel on YouTube, delivering metal-centric content to a horde of virtual metal heads.

Xavier started playing guitar at 12, when he was at summer camp and saw all the other kids playing guitars. From then on, he was hooked and a year later he returned to summer camp triumphantly, having learned the guitar himself.

After a period of listening to alt-rock and punk, Xavier was turned on to John Petrucci's playing and knew right away that this was something special. Something he had to be a part of.

At age 15-16, he started to really take guitar serious and upped his practice regimen drastically which naturally made his skills progress.

Not long after, he attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music but moved to California eventually to finish his studies at Sonoma State University.

In addition to being Editor-In-Chief of Gear Gods, Trey fronts progressive metal band In Virtue who are looking forward to releasing new material in 2018.

These days, Xavier spends his time editing Gear Gods, covering gear specifically for the metal audience but also music theory, guitar lessons, and tips on recording and producing metal from professionals.

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