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About Tony Grey

Multi-instrumentalist, composer and bass player Tony Grey is known for his 6 string electric bass technique and for jazz world fusion compositions.

Sometimes it takes a tragic life event to happen to realize ones true potential and Tony understands that like no one else. Due to a horrific accident, at age of 18, Tony was left homebound with a broken back.

To keep himself busy during recovery time, Tony picked up a bass guitar and did not let it go since! He ended up getting a scholarship at Berklee College of Music in Boston and graduating with a prestigious 'Outstanding Performer' award.

During his time in Berklee he formed a band called Bliss, which signed a major record deal with a legendary record producer Terry Ellis. Eventually, Tony left the group to continue his studies at Berklee and from then on started his own solo career. The first record Moving was released in 2004, four years later Chasing Shadows and in 2010 Unknown Angels. Grey´s new album Elevation is due for release in October 2013.

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Videos with Tony Grey

Bassplayer Tony Grey demonstrating Flashback X4 delay