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About Tommy Vicari

Tommy Vicari is a recording engineer and record producer. He was in the record business for almost 40 years, but these days he does mostly film scoring and live television. Like the sound for the Academy Awards, which he has done for the last 16 years.

As an independent recording engineer, Tommy Vicari has worked with a very diverse clientele. He has produced for everything from Prince to Disney Theme Park music.

When recording something like the Oscars, there are many things to take into consideration. First off, there are many different types of music being recorded, and all have to sound good. On top of that, some things are prerecorded, while other things are recorded live.

Generally the singers are live, but sometimes a lot of the music will be prerecorded. To make that sound good it has to be almost indistinguishable what is live and what is pre-recorded. The reverb effects in the TC System 6000 are probably the most natural sounding in the business, which makes it a lot easier to get those sounds to match up.

'I have to be able to handle classical music, film scores, Aerosmith or anything that I might need for the show. And sometimes it changes at a moments notice.'

When we ask him to pinpoint the one most useful feature of the System 6000, he can't.

'It's the versatility,' he said. 'The fact that I can use it for whatever kind of music I'm working with, any kind of room. It's a great unit, I use it every day.'

TonePrints by Tommy Vicari